Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Business Trip and Reminder of What's Impt!

Just back from a business trip this afternoon. I spent two nights in a city I've never traveled to before - which after over 15 years of traveling for work - is pretty amazing. The city itself was pretty cool - lots of bbq and fun collaborative clients. I'm grateful for that. I'm not grateful that I've been up since 4:15 this morning! LONG day!

While I was gone I got word that a close friends mother (who had been ill) had taken a turn. When I spoke to her and heard my friends voice just break into tears, I just wanted to reach through the phone and help her. I did what I could do and what she needed really - which was remind her how loved she is, how strong she is and how proud her mother is of her. This friend is one of those friends that is the life of every party, knows how to laugh A LOT, and and of course a little inappropriate - that's a compliment. ;-) People are drawn to her like moths to a flame. All of those things are what draw people into her orbit and if you're lucky she'll let you stay there. I just hope she's feeling the love and support from her friends.

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