Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food - my real favorite!

I eluded to the fact that some lingering health problems have affected my weight over the years - well that problem is called Crohn's Disease. I've had Crohn's for 28 years and for the past 7 I've been following (for the most part) a wheat/gluten free diet. I don't want to get to technical here - because I've adapted this now very popular diet to work for me. I'm not able to eat actual bread/pasta etc - but I can tolerate things like spelt and other grains. So what that means for me is that my diet has a LOT of protein and I read a lot of labels.

And it also means that when I go to my favorite Italian restaurant in Hoboken - I can't eat the pasta - which is really the best part. But because this is a local place, old school Italian, family owned and run - I bring in my rice pasta - (the best is from Trader Joe's - and you should trust me here b/c I've spent a lot of money trying lots of crappy wheat/gluten free pastas) - and the great Sharon and Fran make me whatever I want. It's incredible.

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