Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hills

I should probably be a little embarassed to admit this - but I'm not. I've been watching the shenangins of Lauren, Lo, Kristin and even Heidi and Spencer since this nonsense started and I just can't get enough of it! My shame isn't hidden that's for sure - I'm a fan and really proud of it. So as the clock is ticking down to the launch of what we're told is the FINAL season of The Hills - I'm just so excited to watch. Now because I'm also an avid reader of US Weekly magazine - you know that I've already been 'told' that Kristin apparantley has some sort of drug situation - but I'll need to see it unfold before I really provide what is sure to be my astute evaluation of the situation.

I think I would put that last paragraph in the 'twist' category of the blog. For the 'health' portion - I'd like to say that even though weight isn't an issue now for me - it has been and even though I'm recovering from back surgery 6 weeks ago - I have been trying really hard not to just stuff my face during this time. And I'm grateful that when under extreme stress - I don't eat. I just obsess! So..Now that things are leveling out in the health category - I'm back to my normal eating. Which is why I've joined WeightWatchers online. It's only been a few days and already I'm seeing that I'm paying MUCH closer attention to what I do eat. AND am SOOOO glad that I can go back to the gym and really start exercising again.

So - between The Hills, starting to work out again, watching what I eat OH and celebrating my first wedding anniversary in June AND having a big birthday a few weeks ago AND BON JOVI in one month. There's a lot happening here - I hope it's interesting to you.

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